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Chapter 47. Connecting to MS Windows


Building Bridges
Installing and Configuring Samba
Securing Samba
SWAT and GUI SMB Browsers
Printing with Samba
Connecting to SMB Shares from Unix
Sharing Desktops with VNC
Of Emulators and APIs
Citrix: Making Windows Multiuser

47.1. Building Bridges

Too often, it seems, the discussion of operating systems devolves into accusations, recriminations, and hurt feelings. However, the reality of a heterogeneous computing environment makes cooperation among the various operating systems critically important. There are a number of ways that Unix machines can interact with and partipate in Windows networks. Many of those connections work in reverse, too, so that Windows users can begin to experience Unix without abandoning their preferred desktop. Polemics aside, operating systems are only a means to an end that is defined by your business. Fortunately, interoperability is becoming increasingly easier. The following sections will show some of the options available to you.

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