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Chapter 31. Moving Around in a Hurry


Getting Around the Filesystem
Using Relative and Absolute Pathnames
What Good Is a Current Directory?
How Does Unix Find Your Current Directory?
Saving Time When You Change Directories: cdpath
Loop Control: break and continue
The Shells' pushd and popd Commands
Nice Aliases for pushd
Quick cds with Aliases
cd by Directory Initials
Finding (Anyone's) Home Directory, Quickly
Marking Your Place with a Shell Variable
Automatic Setup When You Enter/Exit a Directory

31.1. Getting Around the Filesystem

Summary Box

How quickly can you move around the Unix filesystem? Can you locate any file or directory on your filesystem with both its absolute and relative pathnames? How can symbolic links help you and hurt you?


A lot of Unix users don't realize how much they'll be helped by completely understanding a few filesystem basics. Here are some of the most important concepts and tricks to know:


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