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Chapter 18. Creating Custom Commands in vi


Why Type More Than You Have To?
Save Time and Typing with the vi map Commands
What You Lose When You Use map!
vi @-Functions
Keymaps for Pasting into a Window Running vi
Protecting Keys from Interpretation by ex
Maps for Repeated Edits
More Examples of Mapping Keys in vi
Repeating a vi Keymap
Typing in Uppercase Without CAPS LOCK
Text-Input Mode Cursor Motion with No Arrow Keys
Don't Lose Important Functions with vi Maps: Use noremap
vi Macro for Splitting Long Lines
File-Backup Macros

18.1. Why Type More Than You Have To?

Summary Box

Keymapping -- storing complex command sequences so that they can be executed with a single keystroke -- is one of my favorite timesavers. There's nothing like typing one key and watching a whole string of work take place. For repetitive edits (e.g., font changes) it's a real wrist-saver, too. In this chapter we show you how to:


-- EK

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