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Chapter 10. Linking, Renaming, and Copying Files


What's So Complicated About Copying Files
What's Really in a Directory?
Files with Two or More Names
More About Links
Creating and Removing Links
Stale Symbolic Links
Linking Directories
Showing the Actual Filenames for Symbolic Links
Renaming, Copying, or Comparing a Set of Files
Renaming a List of Files Interactively
One More Way to Do It
Copying Directory Trees with cp -r
Copying Directory Trees with tar and Pipes

10.1. What's So Complicated About Copying Files

At first glance, there doesn't seem to be enough material to fill an entire chapter with information about linking, moving, and copying files. However, there are several things that make the topic more complex (and more interesting) than you might expect:

-- TOR

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